The 1st day 

Out first day was started at 3:30 when we drove cars to Gorny Altai. At about 15:30 we were already at the point where our hiking part of trip started. We left cars at the nearest tourist base. To tell you the truth backpacks were not heavy at all. But when I was trying to cross fast flow mountain river Chuay I nearly fall into its strong waves. Fortunately a long stick made me stay on the log which was cast across the river like a bridge. Finally stepping about 3 km we made a camp on the bank and had first supper. 

The 1st day 

The 2nd day started at about 9 a.m. Аnd we reached our destination by 5 p.m. It was great place in a forest between two rivers. I must say we had very interesting neighbors – Nastya and Lenya. Guys didn`t eat meat at all moreover that Nastya was practicing Tibetan physician. Other our neighbors – Leha and Andrey – tall guys from Yekaterinburg – were 
cheerful and had a good sense of humor. So our first evening there was great. 
Оn the 3rd day we planed to go to Karakabak lakes. So early in the morning we packed only one backpack with the most necessary things – food, warm cloth – and went to the lakes. The weather was wonderful but till the midday. At about 3p.m. It started raining heavily. At that time we were going to our camp and in a very short time got wet to the bones. Going back one of our guys Sergei sprained his ankle. So we had to change our plans. Predictions about Sergei`s ankle were not optimistic so we had to refuse of going to the Shavla lake.

The 4th day was the most terrible day for me. I woke up with eye ache. My right eye was swollen. So my mood was spoil. Fortunately for me Andrey from Yekaterinburg gave me eye drops which made me better during only one day. 

The 4th day

The 5-6th days

It was a lot of rain and chilly wind. During that day temperature hardly reached the point about 15 degrees above zero. So my mood was at the same meaning. All our group except Sergei and me left a camp to have a short 12-hour trip to the Maashey glacier - one of the biggest glacier in Gorny Altai. That day was raining heavily and guys soon got wet. I thanked the God for my decision to stay at the camp because my heath condition was not so good as it might be. 

The 5-6th days

The 7th day 

The God heard our prays and gave us day off with wonderful weather and a lot of sun. So we enjoyed that day in different ways. Boys were fishing and I spent all day lying on the sun. In the evening our new neighbors – a group from Saint Petersburg came to us to have great time. We spent wonderful evening and became good friends. The next day we had to go back home. 

The 7th day 
The 7th day, photo
9 ноября 2020

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Шведский музей отвратительной еды показал необычный алкоголь

Особенностью выставки является то, что она презентует не изысканные напитки с приятным вкусом, а в большинстве случаев – непривычные и даже отвратительные варианты. Особенно они могут не понравиться тем, кто впервые их пробует.

24 сентября 2020
Аогашима – живя на пороховой бочке

Хочется поднять такую серьезную тему как Родина. Для многих людей это нечто больше, чем просто место жительства. Это якорь, который словно держит нас на месте, независимо от того, привязаны мы в социальном плане к этим краям или нет...

19 октября 2020
Почему осенью листья меняют цвет: желтеют и краснеют?

Почему листья деревьев осенью жёлтые? Есть несколько причин изменения цвета и влияния его на химические процессы внутри каждого листа, но наиболее существенными факторами являются короткий световой день и длинная ночь.

19 апреля 2021
Лагерь беженцев Ида в Южном Судане – место, где спасаются от насилия

На обширной заболоченной территории, примерно в 10 км к югу от оспариваемой границы между Суданом и Южным Суданом, находится большой лагерь беженцев, спасающихся от насилия в Северном Судане.

13 ноября 2020